Hello, World.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Cube Dweller. My goal with this site is to take us out of the mundane life on the cube farm, and help keep us focused on our long-term career goals. Each of us has the ability to set the direction for our career path. This site is about taking charge of your career, and being the best version of you. In the upcoming posts, we’ll talk about the skills that elevate great employees above the rest of the crowd.

Seriously, though. Why write about career development? Isn’t there already an endless amount of resources available? Good question. Career development has always been a passion of mine. Professionally, I’ve worn many different hats throughout my career. Regardless of the formal role, mentoring has always been my favorite. Whenever you can invest your time helping someone else achieve their goals is time well spent. For me, starting this blog is about taking mentoring to the next level. By no means am I claiming to be an expert. However, if sharing some of my lessons learned can help someone else along their way, then my missions is accomplished.

Stay tuned for my first real post in the next couple weeks. Once again, thank you for visiting. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read my material, and would welcome any feedback.

All the best,

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